Paul Pozzi

Founder & Owner, Poz Trading

Independent floor trader
Currently a screen based trader.

Paul grew up on a small farm in northern California. After college and traveling Paul settled into the floor trading career at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Paul begin trading back month Eurodollar spreads and spent over seven years in Chicago. In 2000 Paul moved to California and continued to trade futures and options via an electronic system. Paul grew up around the Dairy industry; his father operated a small dairy until 1977, and Paul spent his college years hauling hay to the local dairy farms. This connection to the local dairies and the fact that Paul’s community friends operate their multigenerational, family dairy farms propelled Paul into the Milk Heading world.

Poz Trading’s goal for its clients is to reduce risk and increase the dairy farms profit margins. The dairy farmer of today is a perfect fit for using the heading tools futures and options offer. Every day the dairy farm is long milk and every day the dairy farmer is exposed to many risks that affect the value of the final product. The dairy farmer deals with changing markets everyday, whether it’s the price of fuel, price of grain and hay, a sick cow or an environmental issue. Hedging milk for the dairy farmer is a relatively new tool. The first futures and option for milk were traded on the New York Board of Trade. In 1996 the Chicago Mercantile Exchange began trading class III milk. Since then the milk market has only grown. Now we have markets for butter, whey and NFDM contracts -- all great tools for the dairy farmer to use.

Poz Trading provides a place for dairy farmers to gather the needed information to understand hedging milk. Poz trading takes the time to walk the client through the steps of opening an account to understanding the complex strategies that the futures and options market provide. POZ TRADING KEEPS THE NUMBER ONE GOAL IN FRONT: REDUCE RISK !!!

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